April 2, 2014

Phantasm V: Ravager Is In The Can!

Phantasm V: Ravager poster
     Real life has forced an unplanned hiatus for the Dog Farm, but I couldn't let this news go unremarked upon.  A fifth entry in the Phantasm franchise, entitled Phantasm V: Ravager has already completed principal photography, and both the one sheet and teaser trailer appeared on the internet last week.  It isn't just fan fiction or wishful thinking this time.  The Phantasm movies are pretty much my favorite genre franchise, and I couldn't be happier.

     This latest chapter was filmed independently over the course of the last two years, with Kathy Lester, Bill Thornbury, Michael Baldwin, Reggie Bannister, and Angus Scrimm (The Tall Man!) all reprising their roles from previous entries.  The Phantasm franchise has maintained the same core group of talent throughout its thirty-five year history, which is somewhat unusual in this age of relentless rebooting.  Franchise creator Don Coscarelli has turned over the directorial reins for this most recent entry to David Hartman, with whom he co-wrote the script.  Coscarelli's working relationship with Hartman dates back to the production of Coscarelli's Bubba Ho-Tep (2002).  Now how about a release date?  At this point, sources tease only that Phantasm V: Ravager will likely be released sooner than we might expect . . .



  1. Exciting news! The first Phantasm movie is one of my all-time favorites, and I've enjoyed the others as well. It's great to hear that the leads from the original film will be back. Can't wait.

    Looking forward to future posts. :)

    1. The Phantasm franchise is truly unique within the genre. How often do the same actors and actresses portray the same characters for a lifetime?

      Thanks for visiting, Barry. I hope to ease myself back into a semi-regular posting schedule now that things are settling down a bit. I enjoyed your posts for Monster March at Cinematic Catharsis!

  2. Smashing! Did you see Reggie standing under the giant silver orb? Looks like some genuine thought went into making this a great sequel.

    I wish this film could be 3D. Shorts would be soiled if the Tall Man reached for me and yelled "BOOOYYYY!"

    Nevertheless, I am elated to see more films in this series. I only wish I could write and direct one!

    1. The spheres would represent nicely in 3D too, huh? Still, this is a movie I'd filed away in the back of my head as "not going to happen", so I'll happily take what they're giving. Adrienne's first response - she's always a ray of sunshine - is that it'll probably be awful. Without missing a beat, I responded that this is one time it can be awful, and I'll just be happy to have the old gang together again. This is the free game on a pinball machine. Frankly, though - all due love to Coscarelli - I'm excited to see someone else "play with his train set" (his words). Don still co-wrote and produced, so how bad can it be?

      He and the principals love this world they've created, and they're only doing it because phans like you and I want to see it. Witness the guerilla tactics utilized every time they make one now. These productions are no longer about advancing anyone's career or making shit tons of money. I can't wait!

  3. I was quite surprised by the announcement when I first heard about it! Not only do we get a long awaited fifth installment of my all time favorite franchise, but it's already in the can? Holy hell!

    I cannot wait to see this!


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