April 28, 2014

Who's That Lazy Jackass Minding The Dog Farm These Days?

Liebster Award
     It's a recurring theme with bloggers:  "I just can't find as much time to devote to my little corner of the internet as I would like.  Those mundane day-to-day problems and obligations keep creeping up, and now I'm going to have to put the blogging on the back burner."  Well, I'm not doing that again (yet), but this year has been a challenge thus far.  First and foremost, I've been remiss in acknowledging some very generous and appreciated recognition from my peers.

     Vern at The Vern's Video Vortex, Barry at Cinematic Catharsis, and Matt at Midnight Cinephile have each been kind enough at different times over the last few months to nominate Movies At Dog Farm for a Liebster Award.  Owing to a variety of different "challenges" hurled at me by the world at large since late last year, I've yet to properly respond to any of these nominations.

     For those who may be unaware, a Liebster Award is a peer to peer accolade presented by bloggers to other bloggers.  Proper etiquette dictates that the recipient of a nomination responds with a post on their own blog linking back to the blog that nominated them.  The nominee also answers a series of interview questions posed by the presenter, as well as nominating eleven other blogs for the award.  It's a nice way to acknowledge the efforts of your peers in the blogosphere, and it also provides a means to pay it forward by drawing the attention of your own readers to the bloggers you choose to nominate yourself.  Not once, not twice, but on three separate occasions now I've failed to follow through.  I suck.

     In an effort to make amends, I wanted to at least take a moment to thank Vern, Barry, and Matt for the kind recognition.  As I'm sure they know all too well themselves, blogging can often be a thankless calling.  Only another blogger truly realizes just how much time, effort, and commitment it takes to maintain a blog.  That being the case, the recognition of others who toil relentlessly on their own blogs is especially gratifying.  The support is greatly appreciated.

     Please take a moment to visit the links above, and see just how hard these guys work.  Be sure to check  out their other nominees, as well.  Following are the links to the Liebster specific posts on each of the blogs mentioned above:

Vern's Liebster Post

Barry's Liebster Post

Matt's Liebster Post

     Thanks again, guys, for your continued support of the Dog Farm.  The blogging community is one of the nicest bunch of folks with whom I've ever had the privilege to be associated. 
     Another case in point:  just before posting this I was enjoying a look through some birthday wishes (yeah, I'm yet another year older today), and I came across this link on Twitter from my good friend Carl at The Info Zombie.  Thanks, Carl.  You're far too kind.


  1. I received one these also a little while ago and its always nice when someone recognises your hard (ok, semi-hard) work. If I could ever get off my arse to reply properly, yours would always be one I'd recommend too. Maybe this time I'll actually do it (tomorrow maybe).

    Also happy birthday. I turn over the next decade card tomorrow too and plan to have a wee tipple or two. I'll raise a glass.

    1. Happy Birthday, Steven! I'm glad you think there's still something to recommend here at the Dog Farm. I feel like I'm always scraping for time to devote to it. If only I was independently wealthy and could work on it full time. Still, even a little bit here and there turns into a pile after a while. A pile of what is debatable. lol

  2. Happy (Very Belated) Birthday my friend!

    I hear ya. It's damn hard to keep a blog on track and running smooth, especially when "real life" gets in the way. I pretty much took most of May off from blogging, which really sucks. But I'm back now! Trying as always to expand the brand and such.

    Thank you for the kind words. I agree....the horror blogging community is full of really nice people. We should all get together sometime. A Horror Bloggers Convention so to speak!

    1. That sounds like a blog-a-thon in the making to me, Matt. I'm hoping to whip up a post on Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III for the Blood Sucking Geek Gore-A-Thon in the middle of this month, about which I've forwarded you an email (if you'd like to participate). Maybe we can try to blow up Pre-Ween blog-a-thon style this year, too.

  3. That does sound like it would be a pretty epic blog-a-thon! I got the email and I fired an email off to Jonny Dead! I've got a few things cooking for October that I'd like to try and get off the ground and a Pre-Ween blog-a-thon sounds amazing as well!

    I'm planning on running a one or two week special in August dedicated to Anthologies too, if you're interested!


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