September 18, 2014

Barking At The Vacuum Cleaner - Phantasm Exhumed, Pre'Ween 2014, And My Second Podcast Guest Shot

     I had already prepared a post about Dustin McNeill's fantastic new book Phantasm Exhumed: The Unauthorized Companion about a week ago, but then the text mysteriously vanished.  The labels and the title remained, but it seemed as though the body of the post took a trip through the Spacegate.  Cue the Phantasm Theme as you contemplate that...

Mike standing in front of the spacegate in Phantasm (1979)
"Dude, where's my Phantasm post?"

     Random thought: how cool would the Phantasm Sentinel Spheres be in 3-D?  Hell, even the halls of a mausoleum would translate pretty well in three dimensions.  I'm not greedy, though.  Just get Phantasm V: Ravager to me before year's end and I'll be tickled to death.

     But now back to the topic at hand...  

     Phantasm Exhumed: The Unauthorized Companion is quite simply one of the finest books of its kind I've ever had the pleasure of reading.  Author Dustin McNeill is the proprietor of the Phantasm Archives as well as the moderator of the Phantasm Community forums, and his new book covering the entirety of the franchise was clearly a labor of love.  Just check out the bullet points below from the jacket copy for a preview of all the goodies buried within.

Phantasm Exhumed: The Unauthorized Companion by Dustin McNeill (2014) book cover
 • An Introduction by Angus Scrimm 
Exhaustive coverage of the film productions 
More than 250 rare photographs, many never-before-seen 
Information on deleted scenes and script changes 
Unprecedented insights into effects, props & set construction 
Rare letters, memos and production artifacts 
Excerpts from Angus Scrimm's 1977 set journals 
Sections on Phantasm 1999, the remake and Phantasm Forever
New details and photos from the upcoming Phantasm: Ravager! 
Tips and tricks for better embalming (just kidding)

     Phantasm Exhumed: The Unauthorized Companion is deserving of a spot on any fan's bookshelf.  It's so detailed, well-researched, and enthusiastic that it might even convert a few non-fans.  My only complaint is that I would have liked to see this in a hardcover edition with a few of those 250 rare photographs in color.  The good news, though, is that the softcover edition keeps the price down to a modest $18.89 on Amazon, so there's no excuse not to order a copy for Pre'Ween.


     Wait...what?  Pre'Ween has crept up on us again?  Why yes, it has.

Movies At Dog Farm Pre'Ween 2014 banner

     What is Pre'Ween, you may ask?  In simplest terms it's a month long celebration of Halloween, but there's more to it than that.  Take a moment to check out Ghoulish Gary Gatorbait And The Horrible Truth About Pre'Ween from last year's celebration for info about the origin of Pre'Ween, then check the link at the end of that post for a deeper examination by Carl at The Info Zombie.  You can also just click the Pre'Ween badge to the right to see a listing of all the posts - mine and Carl's - from 2013.

     We're planning on having some fun with Pre'Ween again this year, and I'll keep that badge link updated with all the new posts from this October.  It seems likely that Matt at Midnight Cinephile will be joining in this year, too.  If anyone else would like to participate, just let me know in the Comments below, or shoot me an email at


Defying A Diety: The Chronicles Of Harold Pringle by Carl Boehm (2014) book cover
     ...and speaking of The Info Zombie, Carl has graciously requested that I join him again for my second guest shot on The Info Zombie Podcast somewhere around the start of Pre'Ween.  In my first guest shot Carl and I discussed the Phantasm franchise.  Odd coincidence, huh?  I'm tellin' ya, it's that friggin' Spacegate swallowing its own tail.  I will, of course, be sure to mention the new episode here as soon as it becomes available.  Until then you can catch up on all of the recent episodes of Carl's podcast by visiting The Info Zombie website or downloading them for free from iTunes.

     I'm sure one topic of conversation on that upcoming episode will be why Carl never mentioned to me that he was about to publish his new book Defying A Diety: The Chronicles Of Harold Pringle.  Believe me, folks, if I ever actually publish anything, you will never hear the end of it.

     Defying A Diety is available now in a Kindle Edition from Amazon, so click the link above to add it to your cart!


Movies At Dog Farm Pre'Ween 2014 banner


  1. Brandon,

    Thanks for the plug! I published the book without so much hype because I fretted over it for ages before finally abandoning it to the world. So I am glad it's out, and I hope everyone enjoys it.

    The Phantasm book will soon take its place on my bookshelf. We will have to acknowledge it on the podcast and give it some good press. The teases from Ravager sort of piss me off because I just want the film to be released already.

    Did you ever meet Don Coscarelli? Has anyone? Do you know if he does the Horror Convention circuit like Carpenter does now?

    The Pre'Ween graphics look great! Are you adept at Photoshop? Anyways... Pre'Ween is coming!

    1. I sincerely hope Ravager doesn't become the cinematic equivalent of vaporware. It's just taking too long. All of the stars, as well as Coscarelli himself, appeared at Son Of Monsterpalooza September 12-14. I was really hoping for an announcement to come out of that.

      Thanks for the compliment on the Pre'Ween graphics. That's actually some Microsoft Paint work. I've gotten a lot of practice with it because I'm anal about sizing things properly. Most of the obviously non-Blogger graphics on the Dog Farm are some kind of Paint concoction. That's actually a pic of my jack-o-lantern from last year that Adrienne took.

  2. The idea that Ravager might become a vaporfilm hadn't occurred to me before, but now that I've thought about it, it's a scary thought. I've been wishing for another Phantasm film since I first saw Oblivion. Here's hoping for an announcement soon!

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