November 28, 2016

Tachyon Signal Podcast Episode 2 - Trying Desperately To Get To The Point About Political Horror

The Dead Zone (1983) scissors suicide
The Dead Zone (1983)
     Trying to keep myself, Matt, and Carl on topic is like trying to herd sheep without a sheepdog.  Still, I think interesting things happen when we go off topic .  Ostensibly, episode 2 of the Tachyon Signal Podcast is taking a look at politically themed horror movies.  And we do.  Some. And then... SQUIRREL!  We talk a bit about some grade A genre titles inexplicably unavailable on Region A Blu-ray, as well.  Check out the chaos on the Tachyon Signal Podcast - Episode 2.

 A brand new podcast brought to you from the creative minds behind Midnight Cinephile, Movies at Dog Farm, and The Info Zombie.

Our aim each episode is to entertain you first and foremost, but also to bring you news and views on the world of entertainment media.

As you may (or may not) have surmised by the title of the podcast we will be broadcasting with a heavy horror slant, but we will most definitely be talking about all genres.  Movies, Television, Literature, Music, Video Games, Comics, Art, Live name it, we'll more than likely cover it at some point. 

Tachyon Signal will be beaming straight to your brain twice a month.   

.....................this is not a dream.............. 

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Listen to the second episode of Tachyon Signal by clicking here!

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  1. We most definitely cannot stay on topic to save our lives. It's part of our charm, I think! Still, I think that this is a damn fine episode and I can't wait to hear what people think.


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