November 22, 2012

An Old Dog Learns A New Trick

Butch and Mandy Greet Visitors
     Welcome to the new Movies At Dog Farm blog!  It's been a steep learning curve for me this last week or so, but I'm pretty proud of the results.  Please take a tour of the new blog, and let me know what you think, either here or at the original Movies At Dog Farm group page on Facebook.  I genuinely want everyone's feedback, both good and bad.  

     Speaking of the original page - don't worry, it's not going anywhere.  This blog is intended to be "in addition too", not "instead of".  I'll be sending a link to each new blog post to the original group page on Facebook, and those who are already members there can continue to use the superior social interactivity of Facebook to discuss content from both here and elsewhere.  I'll also be linking posts to my Twitter account, and you can follow the Dog Farm there by going to Chasing After Birds in the sidebar.  Just below that is Biting The Mailman (to follow by email), and the Dog Farm Pack (to become a member of the blog page itself).  You can even subscribe to a feed at Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) at the bottom of the page.

     It seems Facebook and Google are having some kind of feud, so I was unable to import my contact list from Facebook.  Signing up at the Dog Farm Pack will be especially helpful to me, and appreciated.  You can use pre-existing accounts at Google, Twitter, and Yahoo! (or AIM, Netlog, and OpenID) to join this site with a single click.  I've tried to make everything here as intuitive as possible, so let me know if you experience any difficulties.   By the way, I already know that the Search doesn't work properly.  It will only search the links in Other Dogs' Butts I've SniffedYou'll just have to explore Movies At Dog Farm yourself. . .  


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