November 21, 2012

Claycat's The Thing (In 3D!?!)

     I was looking for some movie trailers on YouTube and found this instead.  This was created by a fellow named Lee Hardcastle, and there are plenty more where this came from.  There's an "unlisted" version of this in 3D here: here.  It's old school anaglyph 3D, so check it out if you have red/blue glasses laying around.  I've added Mr. Hardcastle's blog to Other Dogs Barking In The Barn in the sidebar.  It's incredible how labor intensive this form of animation is.  Hats off!

1 comment:

  1. A tag pops up on the embedded video here that will take you to the 3D version, as well. I see that embedding the videos makes the page's scroll wonky. Links instead?


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