July 2, 2014

Fancy A Drive-In Movie With The Dog Farm And Eight Other Strangers?

     How would you like to watch a drive-in movie with me and eight other drive-in movie fans right in your own luxuriously appointed living room?  I'm all in favor of any plan that has the potential to go disastrously wrong, so here's the first Movies At Dog Farm Virtual Drive-In!  Follow the three easy steps below to get a front row seat!

     Step 1 - Sign up for Google+ to gain access to Google Hangouts.

     Step 2 - Send an email to bwearly8888@gmail.com telling me you'd like to participate.

     Step 3 - Log on to Google Hangouts 1/2 an hour before the scheduled showtime,
                  put the selected movie in your Netflix queue, and wait for your invite.

     I'll be choosing a movie readily available on Netflix streaming this time since there's not yet a good solution that allows me to stream my own movies to you.  Using Netflix also allows everyone to watch the flick on the big screen instead of in a pop-up window on the laptop.  We'll sync playback once everyone has checked in.

     Google Hangouts can only accommodate ten individuals per hangout, so don't miss your chance to participate.  In the unlikely event that more than ten people want to participate, I'll be maintaining a "stand-by" list.  If anyone that registered in advance doesn't respond to their invite at showtime, I'll issue an invite to the first name on the stand-by list.

     Our first movie selection, the day, the date, and the showtime will be posted soon under the Movies At Dog Farm Virtual Drive-In header in the sideboard.

     EDITED JULY 3:  The movie for July will be Mighty Peking Man (1977) on Sunday, July 13 at 8:30 pm.  That info is now posted under the Virtual Drive-In header in the sideboard, as well.


  1. Brandon. Im sorry I missed this event, but if you have another one I will gladly join up for it. I dont netflix setup for my TV just yet, but will next month. This is a really cool idea and I can help promote it on my site if you want

    1. Thanks for the interest, Vern. It did work pretty much as expected. The Info Zombie and I got things up and running, and we were able to watch all of Mighty Peking Man without incident. I watched on my television, but Carl chose to watch on his computer. I'll have another movie with day, date, and time posted in the sideboard soon. It did occur to me last night that I'll need to keep different time zones in mind. I never specified it was scheduled Eastern Standard Time. I'll keep you posted.


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