December 26, 2014

The Dog Farm's Best In Show 2014 - Looking For A Cinematic Needle In A Haystack Of Failure And Mediocrity

Needle in a haystack
     This was a rough year for the genre.  Notable new releases were few and far between, as evidenced by how widely I had to cast my net for recurring features like Noteworthy On Netflix.  I did find a few gems, though, so hope springs eternal.

     Speaking of Noteworthy On Netflix, that feature made two appearances in 2014.  Both were rounded out with a heavy dose of older movies, but that's okay.  A good movie is a good movie, regardless of how old it is.  Most of the newer releases this year were covered in the recurring Pre'Ween feature Diary Of A Movie Watchin' Madman, owing to the fact that I tend to stack up newer releases to gorge on in October.  Both of these recurring features became a little more in depth this year than they'd  been in the past.  I'm getting long-winded and self-indulgent in my old age.

Noteworthy On Netflix - 1/9/14

Noteworthy On Netflix - 7/18/14 - Digging A Little Deeper Than Usual

Diary Of A Movie Watchin' Madman Vol.II, Part 1 - Bride Of The Madman

Diary Of A Movie Watchin' Madman Vol.II, Part 2 - Revenge Of The Madman

    That wraps up The Dog Farm's Best In Show 2014.  I promise I'll try to do better next year.  In the meantime, my sincere thanks to everyone who continues to visit the Dog Farm.  Best wishes for the new year and beyond, and I'll see you on the other side.

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