December 20, 2013

The Dog Farm's Best In Show 2013 - Fear Based Fandom & The Turning Of The Straights

Forrest J. Ackerman, the original genre fan, circa 1990
     The man pictured at left - as if anyone reading this wouldn't know - is Forrest J. Ackerman (1916-2008), editor of the hugely influential magazine Famous Monsters Of Filmland (1958-1983) and likely the single biggest genre fan the world has ever known.  I never actually met Forry, though I did pass near him in a crowded Dragon Con convention when I was much, much younger.

     I didn't muster up enough courage to approach Uncle Forry, though I'm sure he would have been accommodating if I had.  His reputation preceded him.  Though we didn't meet, I still remember clearly that he had an attractive woman on each arm and a gigantic smile on his face.  He radiated an aura of complete contentment, like a man who was clearly in his element and wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. 

     Forry was the original genre fan, and he probably single-handedly did more to create and maintain a community of genre fans like himself than anyone else ever has.  Unfortunately, despite all that Uncle Forry accomplished, it's still not uncommon for genre fans to be condescended to by straights who just don't get it.

     This week's edition of The Dog Farm's Best In Show 2013 features two posts that each examine the nature of genre fandom.  The first, Don't Hate Horror Movie Fans Because We're A Bit Twisted, But Don't Forget That, Either . . . , examines the very community that Forry did so much to foster.  Oddly, this post generated a fair number of hits and only three comments.  Are we all still just a little shy about letting our freak flags fly?

     The second, (Mostly) Effective Tips For Teaching A Straight To Like Horror Movies, was posted just a couple of weeks later and was an almost direct continuation of the first.  Regardless of whether or not we genre fans are looked down upon, we each bear a responsibility to evangelize.  Not everyone finds their way to the nurturing bosom of genre fandom on their own.

Don't Hate Horror Movie Fans Because We're A Bit Twisted, But Don't Forget That, Either . . . 

(Mostly) Effective Tips For Teaching A Straight To Like Horror Movies

     Join me next week for the final installment of The Dog Farm's Best In Show 2013.


  1. Are you choosing the "Best in Show" posts based on number of hits received, or just choosing posts you are proud of? Either way, I am enjoying this series, because it's impossible to keep up with every blog I follow, so it's good to be pointed in the direction of some stuff I may have missed.

    1. I'm mostly just choosing posts I'm proud of, but the number of hits figured into it. For example, my single most viewed post is Ten Best Genre Movies Directed By Canadian Auteur David Cronenberg. I chose not to include that because I figured - in relative terms, at least - that post had already gotten enough exposure.

      I think this will probably become a yearly thing. Since my "anniversary" will always be Thanksgiving, and since I work in retail (making it almost impossible to do anything throughout the month of December), this seems like a good solution. It coincides with the end of the calendar year when everyone does their "Best Of The Year" articles, anyway.

      It also gives me an opportunity to throw out a few posts again that I fell may have gotten short shrift on the first go round. I know what you mean about having difficulty following everyone. Sometimes a worthy post just gets lost in the shuffle.

      Thanks for checking them out!


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